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Omonoh (Mona)

I am a licensed mental health counselor and have been working in the mental health field since

2016. I have experience in helping clients with depression, anxiety, parenting issues, trauma,

grief, and adjustment issues. I have worked with children, adults and adolescents in hospitals,

schools, and homes in the community as well as in crisis situations. I am knowledgeable about

trauma informed care and certified in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also use

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to help my clients see that their feelings, behaviors and

actions are connected and how to change their actions for the better. Behavioral analysis and

counseling have unique components that I am interested in combining to bring forth the best

dynamic to treat, support, and help each person I see to better their lives. I use Client-Centered

Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy as well so I can best adapt and

adjust to the ever-changing needs of the person I am working with whether it be a child,

teenager, or an adult.  I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. I

will tailor our dialogue and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. It takes

courage to seek out a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change.

I am here to support & empower you in that journey.

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