Meet Beth

Sometimes in our lives we have experiences that lead us to feel unsettled, overwhelmed, disconnected or maybe just stuck. During those times, I help my clients by offering acceptance, validation and a safe space, where clients feel they have a voice. I offer a calm and warm presence, and use a person-centered and strengths-based approach to help clients find their inner resiliency. So often in life we move too fast and forget to prioritize self care and it is my goal to create a space that is inclusive and intersectional, allowing all clients to put themselves first, feel safe and to be their authentic self. I work with my clients to help them process their emotions, thoughts and experiences while taking steps towards creating positive change. 


I believe connection is essential to well-being and relationships serve as the basis of my therapy work. I understand making the decision to work with a therapist means being vulnerable and I am committed to meeting clients where they are at through my belief that clients are the experts of their own lives. 


Beth is a Licensed Professional Counselor, who began her mental health career working with college students and practices as a Licensed School Counselor as well. She is a social justice advocate who promotes inclusion, diversity and equity and is a LGBTQIA+ ally. Her therapy interests and practice areas include: depression, anxiety, teenagers, young adults, support for college students, relationships, trauma, grief and loss, professionals experiencing burnout, transition needs for young adults, school concerns, parenting and postpartum  support, including birth trauma, postpartum depression and anxiety

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