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Meet Taylor

As parents/guardians, we want to see our children succeed, no matter what it takes. When our  children struggle, we struggle as well. These struggles can lead to frustration, especially when we are not able to pinpoint the root cause. Too often, when children present with complex behaviors, and/or varying levels of abilities/intellect, they are mis-understood, or even mis-diagnosed. If you are feeling lost as a parent, are experiencing challenges navigating the school system, or question the narrative regarding your child, please know you are not alone. I am here to help.

     Taylor Newman is a nationally certified school psychologist, holding both a private practice and lifetime educators license in the state of Wisconsin. She is trained to provide psychological evaluations to a wide range of individuals (early childhood to young adults), including assessment of intellectual ability, academic abilities, attention/executive functioning, social emotional development, and autism. In addition, her training and experiences allow her to provide counseling services to individuals coping with anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviors, suicide ideation, ADHD, life stressors, and relationship struggles (including LGBTQ+).   

     Taylor completed her undergraduate coursework at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then attended Loyola University in Chicago, where she received a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, followed by an Educational Specialist degree in the field of School Psychology. With more than ten years of leadership in the education system, and expansive knowledge of educational law (IDEA, Section 504), Taylor is eager and well positioned to provide services for all students and their families. She specializes in assessment, educating families about academic eligibility requirements under federal and civil rights laws, and determining educational supports that are both compliant with educational/federal law, and appropriate within the education system.  

     If your family is ready to get the help your child deserves, please call to book an appointment. Taylor offers weeknight, and weekend appointments. Taylor is not accepting new patients for individual therapy.

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