Navigating through the world as a person of color, especially in the United States, comes with a unique set of challenges and barriers. Finding a therapist should not be one of them. Members of racial minority groups already face significant barriers to healthcare. Research shows that Black and Latinx individuals, in particular, face inequity in access to healthcare, quality of life, and life expectancy across the life span. In regards to mental health care, POC seeking therapy often worry that their therapist might not “get it”, especially if the majority of therapists in their area are not members of their cultural group. Although cultural competence is a requirement in most master’s programs for therapists, there is still a well founded worry that some of the very issues POC may be seeking to unpack and explore in therapy might not be understood or recognized by their therapist (or worse- challenged). 


Therapists at Golden Vibes actively fight against the myths, stereotypes, and stigmas that surround mental health issues and prevent people from getting help. Providing quality, unbiased, non pathologizing mental health care to all, especially folx of color in the community, is a big part of the reason Golden Vibes was created.

Golden Vibes therapists are trained and dedicated to providing you space to explore cultural identity and unpack concerns such as:


  • Experiencing microaggressions in daily life

  • Navigating systemic and institutional racism 

  • Feeling alienated from majority group member coworkers, friends, classmates, etc. or in majority white spaces 

  • Struggling with biracial or multiracial identity concerns


Golden Vibes therapists believe in the dignity and worth of all people, and acknowledge that they must be agents of social change in order to effectively provide therapy that is culturally inclusive. Our therapists will affirm the experiences of POC and never question them. Through a combination of lived experience, intentional reflection and assessment of therapist’s own racial identity and privileges, and a knowledge of the historical contexts in which institutional racism was born and continues to thrive, Golden Vibes therapists are dedicated to providing quality therapy to folx of all cultural backgrounds.

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