Poly-Affirming Therapy

Members of the polyamorous community often reach out to us with concerns about whether the therapist they are matched with will be non-judgmental when disclosing their relationship preferences. For this reason, we felt it was important to include poly-affirming therapy in our list of specialties. We have therapists on staff who work with many members of the poly community, and who understand the unique stigmas and microaggressions that poly individuals may face when seeking therapy. We want to ensure you that this is a safe space to seek treatment, and that we understand that your emotional safety while in session is paramount to successful treatment. 


Furthermore, we understand that polyamorous relationships are in no way inferior to monogamous relationships! Trust, openness, and honesty are paramount in poly relationships, and those qualities are just as important in all relationships. Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself or counseling for yourself and your partner(s), you can expect that our therapists will be affirming of the fact that polyamory is the right choice for you. We understand that while some in our society may believe that monogamy is superior, and others may believe that polyamory is superior when it comes to intimate relationships, the truth is, it is really about what best fits you and your partner(s).


When you know that your therapist is not judgmental of the fact that your relationship(s) are ethically non-monogamous, you can discuss relationship concerns more openly, without fear of judgement based on relationship preferences. All relationships, monogamous, poly, and otherwise, have challenges, and we understand that these challenges do not present themselves because of the fact that the relationship is polyamorous or monogamous. Instead, relationship problems can occur in any relationship due to issues such as communication struggles, differences of opinion, reminders of past trauma, or unresolved issues from past relationships. 


So, whether you are seeking individual or group counseling, please keep us in mind! All therapists at GVCC are poly-affirming. If you would feel more comfortable, feel free to ask our referral staff to be matched with a therapist who specializes in working with the poly community. We will be happy to provide you with services that validate your unique situation and preferences!

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