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Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is a crucial learning tool that helps professionals at all stages of their career

to evolve and grow their skills, ensuring that clients are competently served. By assisting

professional therapists and students alike in providing high quality clinical care, we can promote

client welfare, treatment effectiveness and the overall quality of the services we provide.  For

students and new professionals, quality supervision can guide the transition from learning and

training environments into independent practice. As for practicing therapists, supervision can be

useful to examine, explore and progress in their work by experiencing a wider range of

professional situations, engage with new treatments and approaches, and take on new roles on a

personal and professional level.

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As lifelong learners, clinicians at all points in their careers can benefit from supervision as a

space to gain insight into their experiences, promote self-reflection and reflexivity, develop, and

enrich their skills, explore their evolving professional identities, and align their actions and

values. As the world around us is in constant evolution, so should our professional practices to

ensure that we can effectively respond and adapt to new realities.

Supervision is a space to investigate and confront some of the most common challenges faced by

new and experienced clinicians alike—reactivity, compassion fatigue, burn-out and traumatic

stress. At Golden Vibes Counseling, we approach supervision as a collaborative transitional

space designed to promote skills and competency in a holistic manner. We focus on the

development of proficiencies and of the individual. Our supervisors practice in an inclusive

manner welcoming and honoring all voices and experiences in the supervision room.

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“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”

~ Peter Drucker

We offer supervision using the following models:

  • Art-Based Supervision

  • Integrated Development Model (IDM) through the lens of the Developmental Theory

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Supervision Model (CBSM) through the lens of the Psychotherapy


  • Attachment-caregiving model.


Begin Clinical Supervision in Madison, WI

If you are a student or clinician and are interested in starting Clinical Supervision, we are here

for you.


To get started, just follow these three steps:

  • Call our office at 608-571-0558 or e-mail us to inform us of your interest.

  • Talk with our Client Care Coordinator to find out if our Clinical Supervising Team is the right fit

        to help you advance and learn through Clinical Supervision.

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