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Grief Counseling

Grief has been described as the natural response that occurs when we experience a

significant loss. This is often accompanied by deep sadness and other difficult emotional,

behavioral, and cognitive changes. By the time we have reached adulthood, many of us have had

at least one experience of grief. As we know, grief is not limited to the loss of loved ones. It

includes the loss of pets, the ending of relationships, changes in how we thought our lives would

look, and even moving away from a place we love.


Through the experience of the pandemic, many of us have lost acquaintances or people close to us due to COVID. Many of us have also experienced grief about the loss of the lives that we were once able to lead, which can be exacerbated by the uncertainty around when things will “return to normal.” Utilizing services like grief counseling in Madison, WI can help you move through the loss of what was.

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While most of us are familiar with the idea that grief moves in stages, going from denial,

anger, bargaining, depression, and ultimately to acceptance. However, grief is often more complicated than this linear process would lead us to believe. Oftentimes we experience all or any of these emotions at once and we can continue to experience anger or deep sadness even after reaching acceptance. These feelings can often come in waves, making the experience of grief more

cyclical than linear.

Grief Involves Many Feelings

Grief is a complicated process that hits us emotionally and can lead to anxiety, irritability, guilt, regret, difficult dreams, helplessness, shame, and loneliness. It may also affect us in ways that are not just emotional. For example, we may experience physical symptoms related to grief, including changes in our sleep or appetite, restlessness, or lethargy. During our grief process, we may also have moments where we experience happiness or joy, which can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt.

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Grief Counseling in Madison, WI Can Help!

Know that grief counseling in Madison, WI can be very helpful during the grief process. Given that others around you may also be grieving the same loss as you, therapy can provide an objective space for you to talk through what you are feeling. Grief is such a personalized experience and people can often struggle with feeling they do not grieve the way others do. In grief counseling, you may focus on accepting your unique way of grieving and gaining an understanding that all of your emotions are normal. You may also work in grief counseling to process the loss, with a focus on the emotions that you are feeling, such as sadness, guilt, or anger.

Grief Counseling Can Help You Adjust to a New Norm


Working with a grief counselor via online therapy may also be a place to work on adjusting to what life looks like now without the person, pet, or thing that has been lost. In therapy, we will help you:

  • seek out the support you need

  • give you space to grieve

  • help foster self-compassion during and after the grieving process

  • And, help you give yourself space to feel joy in-between moments of grief.

Grief is a difficult thing to face alone, so seeking out grief counseling in Madison, WI, especially if you are feeling stuck in the grief, can be a very helpful step to take.

Start Grief Counseling in Madison, WI!

When you are ready to start grief counseling, we are here for you. Our grief counselors know that getting started with a new therapist when you're emotionally struggling isn't easy. Our goal for you is to make it more simple. Our Madison, WI-based grief therapists can even help you anywhere in the state with online therapy in Wisconsin. To get started, just follow these three steps:

  1. Call our office at 608-571-0558 or e-mail us to make an appointment

  2. Talk with our Client Care Coordinator to find the best therapist for you

  3. Start your journey to a more joyful life today

More Mental Health Services at Golden Vibes Counseling Center

At our Madison, WI therapy clinic, we want you to feel comfortable. We know you are a multi-faceted person with a wide range of needs and concerns. That's why we have a lot of different ways to serve you. From therapy in our chic, contemporary counseling space to expert online counseling in Wisconsin, we are ready to meet you where you are. Our professional therapists can help you using a variety of approaches including CBT, EMDR, and Brainspotting. These methods can help with sexual assault recovery, depression treatmentanxiety therapy, reproductive or maternal mental health, multicultural counseling, and more. We also specialize in LGBTQIA+ counseling and poly-affirming therapies and can assist with gender-affirming care. We truly look forward to meeting you and getting to know you as an individual.

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