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Meet Dan

My approach to therapy is eclectic, but what I believe is most important is the therapeutic relationship. If you don't feel comfortable and relaxed, your healing and growth will feel more like work than a journey. I try to create an atmosphere tailored to your specific needs and desires. Whether you're seeking a guide, a teacher, or an instructor; I can fill that role and ensure you feel comfortable enough to ask for a change of pace. Seeking therapy can feel like an intimidating ordeal, my aim is to make it a tranquil yet invigorating hike through nature.


I'm a marriage and family therapist. The eclectic approach I mentioned has its foundation in a systemic perspective that is trauma-informed, inclusive, and intersectional. I believe that family of origin dynamics and the various systems and cultures that we grew up in have a significant influence on our mental health and identity. I also believe that boundaries and self-compassion are vital for self-growth and healing. Some other approaches I use include cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, the Gottman method, person-centered therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.


I'm able to provide therapy for adult individuals, couples, and families for a variety of topics. I'm skilled in helping with relationships, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, life changes, substance use, depression, family issues, self-esteem, codependency, stress, and attachment issues. I’m a LGBTQIA+ ally, kink aware, fetish friendly, and affirming of polyamory in all forms. 

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