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Meet Cheryl

"They say you are emotional. I say you are all the way alive. Life is an emotion. Feel it."
– Jaiya John

I’m a licensed Professional Counselor, and a Nationally Certified Counselor. I have additional training specific to Brainspotting.

I work with individuals who are 14+, who have experienced various types of traumas, those struggling with anxiety, boundaries, attachment issues, people-pleasing tendencies, personality disorders, life changes, and family issues.

My approach to therapy is eclectic. I believe that people are impacted based on early family dynamics, culture, as well as other factors that shape perspectives and situations for individuals later in their lives. I like to work from a strengths-based perspective, while integrating solution-focused and person-centered therapy. I work with clients to help nurture and continue to grow the skills they already hold. Working with you, means I will listen and support you on your journey to continued self-growth and healing, in an environment meant to make one feel seen and heard in a judgment free zone. With that said, I do pride myself in being able to give direct and honest feedback to promote an authentic and genuine connection with my clients while encouraging change. 
I believe Brainspotting to be a powerful technique that encourages clients to recognize, process and release deeply rooted and stored emotions. It’s my belief and understanding that brain and body-based techniques are significant to one working through their trauma, and other typically undesired behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

In my free time, depending on the season, I enjoy camping, biking, being on the water, baking, or diving into a good show.

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