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Meet Angie

"always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn."

Life is ever-changing and evolving in manifold ways. We all go through life changes and unforeseen roadblocks that create imbalance within our minds. It is quite empowering to seek out help when our inner self wants to “talk” and respect that need. This is where I come in as a vessel of support to aide in your journey of knowing your inner self and what challenges or changes you might be going through.

Therapy can be a rewarding experience when your inner world (feelings, thoughts, emotions) changes positively to reflect your outer world and relationships.


Neelanjana (Angie), is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been working extensively with diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities and people from different walks of life. She works with children, adolescents, young adults, and women dealing with life stress, childhood/past trauma, social adjustments, burnout, cultural oppression, body image, peer pressure, relationship issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. Angie works collaboratively with her clients using alternative therapy techniques such as, sandtray therapy, mindfulness meditation, art therapy, along with other traditional behavioral therapies. The therapy techniques she uses are specific to the needs of the client and tailored towards finding one’s strength, gain confidence and value themselves as an individual.

Angie specializes in trauma-informed care practices and is trained as an EMDR therapist. She enjoys working with adults and offers EMDR therapy to address complex trauma, single traumatic life incidents, depression, anxiety, and early attachment wounds. Angie is certified as a Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.

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