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How to Manage Self-Care with the Semester Ending

Ahhh summer! The time for sitting pool- or beach-side sipping cool drinks to counteract the hot weather, going to different “instagramable” states or countries for vacations, having no obligations of exams or assignments due, and no set schedule. While these are all great things some people look forward to for summer, for others, it may not be the case and the transition from school to summer can be stressful for a variety of reasons.

School reinforces the idea of routine, and sometimes, this routine includes making time and scheduling for things other than school such as self-care activities including working out, spending time with friends, and doing extracurricular activities. Summer sometimes means having to transition out of these routines which can be quite difficult for a lot of us. Here are a few tips for managing self-care with the semester ending to incorporate during the summer before the new school year begins.

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1. Stay Connected with your Support Systems

Many of us have met our closest friends and support systems during school. And when school ends, we’re not physically around them as much as when school is in session. We either have to go visit, have them visit us, or wait until summer is over and the new year begins. Even if you aren’t able to visit these supports as much during breaks, consider other ways to stay in touch such as routine video or FaceTime calls, texts or group chat messages, or watching different movies together at the same time through watch parties on your favorite streaming service.

2. Get Involved in Volunteer Work or Apply for Summer Jobs/Internships

If staying busy is important to you, summer is a great opportunity to get involved in

something that can keep you busy, such as volunteering your time or obtaining new skills. Some organizations, companies, and businesses know students are looking for summer jobs or internships and are willing to hire temporarily for these months. These can be great opportunities for you to incorporate your time and energy toward things you value you may normally not have the time to do during the school year.

3. Continue or Pause Your Therapy or Psychiatry Sessions

Some of us take advantage of the counseling centers available at our schools; we may see a therapist for school-related issues or we may see a therapist for navigating life during school. If it’s possible for you to continue treatment even if virtually, this may be an option to consider. Another option may be for you to seek a therapist or psychiatrist in the area where you will be during this time. Another option not talked about as much is the idea of breaks in therapy. Sometimes, breaks in therapy can help you to build more self-awareness or self-reliance and help you practice the things you have learned in therapy thus far. It is OK to take a break during this time and to start back therapy when school begins again.

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4. Remember Self-Care Isn’t Selfish but is for You

Self-care involves anything that replenishes you and “fills your cup” after a lot has been taken out. Self-care activities are designed to help you feel more present with yourself and can vary from person to person, which is why there are so many different things we can consider to be “self-care activities.” It can feel selfish to put yourself first, but remember that you cannot give your best to anyone or anything when you are not your best self. Summer can be a great time to incorporate many self-care activities designed specifically for YOU, such as eating healthier and choosing healthier options, exercising regularly, spending more time outside in the sunshine, regulating or changing your sleep schedule, practicing meditation and gratitude, and relaxing doing things you enjoy.

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Begin Young Adult Therapy in Madison, WI

Learning to incorporate self-care techniques into your routine can be much easier said than done. This is why our team is honored to offer support for students across the state. We are happy to offer support from our Madison, WI-based practice. You can start your therapy journey by following these simple steps:

  1. Contact our team to schedule an appointment

  2. Get to know a therapist from our trained team

  3. Start receiving the mental health support you deserve!

Other Services Offered with Golden Vibes Counseling

We know that you may experience more than one mental health concern you may need support in addressing. This is why we are happy to offer a number of services to support you including anxiety therapy, adolescent counseling, BIPOC therapy, child therapy, and clinical supervision. We are also happy to offer therapy for college students, couples therapy, depression treatment, terapia en español, gender-affirming care, grief therapy, and LGBTQ+ therapy. Other services offered include OCD treatment, poly-affirming therapy, psych assessments, reproductive health, stress management, trauma therapy, sexual abuse treatment, and therapy for athletes.


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