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The Benefits of Working with a Spanish Speaking Therapist in Wisconsin (in English)

We are more likely to open up when we feel safe, validated, and understood. At Golden Vibes Counseling Center, we know English is not everyone’s first language. More than 62.1 million people living in the United States are of Hispanic origin and represent the country’s largest minority group. Studies show therapy can be twice as effective when services are received in your native language. Here are some benefits of working with a Spanish Speaking Therapist:

A close up of a person taking notes while sitting across from a woman. Learn how a Spanish speaking therapist in Wisconsin can offer support with psychotherapy in Spanish in Wisconsin. Search for “therapist Madison WI” to learn more today.

No Language Barriers

One problem with language barriers is translation and misunderstanding. In translation, the

original meaning can be changed or misinterpreted. Words and phrases do not always have a direct translation; you are then playing a game of “telephone” trying to figure out the original context. This can lead to you spending more time on translation than on the problems that brought you to a therapist in the first place. The emotion behind different phrases can be different when translated between languages, completely changing the context. Misunderstanding and misdiagnosis of your symptoms can further lead to your therapist creating a treatment plan that is not actually helpful.

Processing the Stigmatization of Counseling

In some cultures, seeking help, or mental health care is seen as something that is “only for crazy people,” which may be why it’s hard for people of other cultures to find help. But seeking counseling does not mean you are “crazy.” People go to counseling for many reasons including processing past traumas, practicing healthy coping skills, and learning self-awareness.

Cultural competency refers to a person’s ability to understand and respect the values, attitudes, beliefs, and morals across different cultures. When you have a therapist that focuses on your individualistic perspective, you work through concepts such as how systems of oppression, generational trauma, colonialism, and other issues related to current problems presented in your life.

Someone Who Understands Your Upbringing, Experience, and/or Your Culture’s Traditions

The United States is a huge melting pot. We easily forget this means cultures and traditions can be different in each generation, environment, and society. Something considered to be

“alarming” in one culture may be completely “normal” in another. Other important factors of tradition include religious beliefs, family values and dynamics, and the celebration of holidays.

Having a therapist who has a similar background is beneficial in bringing their own cultural

values and perspectives into your therapy session. When done correctly, self-disclosure can

lead to a client feeling more understood, as their therapist is leading with empathy rather than just sympathy.

A woman gestures while talking to a person holding a clipboard across from her. This could represent the support a Spanish speaking therapist in Wisconsin can offer. Learn more about the support online counseling in Wisconsin can offer via psychotherapy in Spanish in Wisconsin today.

How to Approach Topics of Culture with a Therapist

A therapist may be bilingual; however, this does not always mean they are a perfect therapist

for you. It is very important to build rapport to determine if a therapist may be a good fit for

you to have the best experience with therapy.

Some questions to ask your therapist about their cultural competency and understanding are:

  • What is your experience with my culture or background?

  • Have you had clients with different cultural backgrounds before?

  • Have you specifically worked with a Latinx client before?

A close up of flags waving in the wind against the sunny sky. Learn how a Spanish speaking therapist in Wisconsin can offer support with psychotherapy in Spanish in Wisconsin. Search for “therapist Madison WI” to learn more about online counseling in Wisconsin.

Begin Working With A Spanish Speaking Therapist in Wisconsin

Working with a Spanish-speaking therapist can offer many unique therapeutic benefits. Our team of caring therapists would be honored to support you from our Madison, WI-based practice. Start your therapy journey by following these simple steps today:

  1. Contact our team to schedule an appointment

  2. Get to know a therapist from our trained team

  3. Start receiving the support you deserve!

Other Services Offered with Golden Vibes Counseling

We know that you may experience more than one mental health concern you may need support with This is why we offer a variety of therapy services in both English and Spanish. This is why we are happy to offer a number of services to support you including anxiety therapy, adolescent counseling, BIPOC therapy, child therapy, and clinical supervision. We are also happy to offer therapy for college students, couples therapy, depression treatment, gender-affirming care, grief therapy, and LGBTQ+ therapy. Other services offered include OCD treatment, poly-affirming therapy, psych assessments, reproductive health, stress management, trauma therapy, sexual abuse treatment, and therapy for athletes.


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